November 26, 2013

Scaling Performance: How Verizon Digital Media Services Solves Performance Challenges Across Thousands of Servers

For Ted Middleton, VP of Product Management, web performance is not only a feature; web performance is the product. In his presentation at Velocity EU in London, Ted focused on scale as both a challenge and opportunity for Verizon Digital Media Services to improve our performance.

Speaking about what he calls the magnifying effect, Ted explains how any change in code, cache retention, or other modification, multiplied by tens of thousands of servers and multiple cache instances, can yield significant improvement for our network and our clients.

To achieve these gains, we at Verizon measure ourselves over 116 billion times per month. This includes over 70 billion hardware & application monitoring data points, 30 billion health checks, and other monitoring measurements.

Watch Ted’s Velocity presentation to learn about three examples of how the Verizon performance team solved challenges that came with scaling our network for maximum performance.

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