July 29, 2014

Product Focus: Introduction to Verizon Digital Media Services' WAF

At the beginning of June 2014, we announced the beta launch of our cloud-based Web Application Firewall (WAF), a security product designed to monitor web traffic in order to detect and prevent attacks against web applications.

Our WAF simplifies how customers can block and fend off attackers by offering more controls and tools than other cloud alternatives. Early press and analyst coverage has been positive, such as this piece by Dan Rayburn of Streaming Media, who said “[…] they have a whole lot more rules available in their first version of their WAF product than other vendors do.”

Another critical feature of Verizon’s WAF is the minimized reaction time to attacks. Updates can be pushed out in less than five minutes to all Verizon Digital Media Services servers on a worldwide basis — up to 900 percent faster than competitive offerings.

In these three short videos, recorded at Velocity 2014 in Santa Clara, Hayes Kim, Director of Product Management, walks through the key features of our WAF and explains its command-and-control plane:

Simple four step set up

Easy Management

Real time dashboard and event log


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