May 9, 2017

Verizon Digital Media Services’ Smarter Platform Delivers Personalized Video Experiences at NAB 2017

Watch how Verizon’s smarter platform powers personalized, profitable experiences.

This year’s NAB unveiled an industry in transition. OTT providers have already proven their services to be both possible and practical; now they must make them profitable. See how our new services, features and partnerships, announced at NAB 2017, are powering personalized, profitable video experiences.

Intelligent content

  • Media Xperience Studio, the industry’s first Content Intelligent System to help you build a profitable content business

Personalized video experiences

  • Smartplay by Verizon, our 1 to 1 session management technology provides you with the insights to deliver unique, personalized viewing sessions to every viewer

Scalable live events

  • Live Events 2.0, our new Uplynk Video Streaming service Live Event tools simplify an otherwise complex ecosystem

Better quality

Immersive experiences

Customers, partners, prospects and press streamed steadily through our booth to check out the industry’s smartest platform, which took home three prestigious awards:

And we made waves with numerous press announcements and featured coverage:

It’s impossible to capture the entire magnitude of the show here, but we hope you at least got a brief glimpse of all the amazing things we accomplished in bringing personalized video experiences to life.

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