October 7, 2019

Optimizing the CDN for live streaming

Katherine Merrick, Principal Product Manager

As streaming services battle for a limited number of viewers and shrinking attention spans, live events, which are a proven driver of audience engagement, have become an important factor in a publisher’s content strategy. However, as much as live streaming can reliably deliver audiences, reliably streaming live events at scale comes with a set of challenges. Content delivery networks (CDNs) can help provide scalability on-demand; however, even the CDNs themselves must be optimized for live streaming. 

Our CDN offers mature, well-proven content distribution capabilities coupled with optimizations that minimize load on the origin server while delivering live streams to viewers at scale.

Read the latest tech article to learn how our live video caching optimizations, many of which are tunable for individual customers, work together to protect viewer demands from overwhelming your video infrastructure.

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