February 27, 2017

Now Streaming: Episode 2, Smarter Delivery of The Smarts, a Show about Smartplay by Verizon

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Today we released Episode 2 of The Smarts, a web series about Smartplay by Verizon, our 1 to 1 session management technology.

Our viewer Jill is frustrated that fluctuating network conditions and bandwidth issues are preventing her from watching her favorite tv show. As a result, Chief Technology Officer Ted is facing the consequences of not having smarter delivery. Can Smartplay help smooth things out? Find out on The Smarts at verizondigitalmedia.com/the-smarts.

If you are looking for smarter ways to improve your streaming video quality with viewers anywhere in the world, read more about Smartplay on our website. Or better yet, contact us to set up a demo of Smartplay in action.

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