May 18, 2021

Manage your Verizon Media Platform configuration with Terraform

By Ramiro Ching, Product Manager, Verizon Media

The Verizon Media Platform is pleased to announce that we now provide support for Terraform. An open-source Infrastructure as Code (IaC) tool, Terraform is excellent for enabling our customers to build, change and version infrastructure safely and efficiently.

Terraform allows you to provision infrastructure through software to achieve consistent, repeatable results.You can also describe infrastructure in configuration files and store configuration files with source control using a repository like GitHub. Some of the advantages of source control include the ability to track code changes and establish an archive of all code changes over time so you can revert and compare changes. 

Terraform architecture

The benefits of using Terraform include:

  • The ability to use existing DevOps toolsets to completely configure and manage one or more CDN accounts
  • Providing improvements and enhancements from a large community of open source developers
  • Delivering repeatability when following IaC best practices

One of the best reasons to use Terraform is configuration management. The Verizon Media Platform Terraform provider enables you to manage users and account settings, your delivery configurations, including edge CNAME and origin configurations, and Rules Engine policies. Future releases will include support for managing your Route DNS configuration and web application firewall configuration.

The Verizon Media Terraform provider website can be accessed here. To view documentation on security, logging, schema and variable file usage, please click here. Watch this tutorial for details on how to set up a CNAME and origin using Terraform.

For more information about our support for Terraform, please contact us.  

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