September 25, 2013

Luxury Link: Extraordinary Vacations, Exceptional Performance

Voted by Travel + Leisure and CNBC as the top travel website, Luxury Link offers the largest selection of hand selected luxury hotels, resorts, cruises and tours on the web. Serving an elite clientele, Luxury Link has high standards and strict criteria for their elite network of properties. “Luxury Link’s mission is to inspire a passion for travel by connecting people with the world’s most extraordinary hotels, resorts, and vacation experiences”, says Chris Holland, Luxury Link’s Director of Technology.


Luxury Link’s website: featuring high-end content and media.

Dedication to luxury and style

To meet and succeed their customers’ expectations, Luxury Link experts assist clients in creating individual, handcrafted luxurious getaways. This outstanding level of customer focus and dedication to style is reflected in Luxury Link’s rich media web presence. “Luxury Link’s audience expects the highest quality vacations and getaways, so we feel it’s only right to match that expectation by providing highest quality images of their desired locations”, explains Holland.

Ensuring a superior online experience for a discerning audience

This commitment to high-end content includes ensuring a superior user experience for its site visitors. “Site speed is a critical component to delivering a best-of-breed experience to our discerning audience”, according to Holland. “That’s why we decided to deliver our static resources on Verizon’s EdgeCast network.”

Enabling speed, scale and flexibility

“As we periodically evaluate the CDN space for static resource delivery, we find Verizon Digital Media Services’ speed and reliability to be second to no other CDN player”, says Holland, adding that “Verizon’s price-points have enabled us to competitively scale our infrastructure for increased demand.”

Verizon Digital Media Services (formerly EdgeCast) also offers a high level of operational flexibility and work-flow integration to Luxury Link’s team. “Verizon’s provisioning platforms are extremely flexible and powerful and have enabled us to fine-tune our delivery channels for increased performance”, concludes Holland.

Luxury Link and Verizon at 2013

Offering extraordinary vacations at exceptional prices, Luxury Link is the most sophisticated online E-commerce site to take you where you want to be in style and class. As a site that knows the ins and out of e-commerce success, we’ve joined forces with Luxury Link as our exclusive partner for 2013 for an amazing getaway. Win your next luxury vacation this year at 2013! We’re giving away three generous gift certificates to retailers who stop by at Verizon’s booth (411).

Accelerate your E-commerce

Verizon Commerce Acceleration solution is a new network dedicated to E-commerce. Not a rehash or rebranding of an existing network, but a secure, purpose-built, PCI-compliant, blazing-fast network with tools like device detection, Edge Optimizer powered by Google PageSpeed, and application delivery built-in to help you increase conversions and improve the user experience.

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