June 17, 2019

How to get personal with millions by scaling manifest manipulation

Manifest manipulationTrevor Hunsaker, Sr. Manager, Software Dev Engineering

Personalized viewing experiences at a 1:1 level are transforming the TV experience. Instead of one-size-fits-all, viewers get targeted, highly relevant advertising, tailored content, and recommendations for new programs. You can also implement precise DRM/blackout management based on your viewers’ device type, location, history, demographics, and other data.

Scaling personalized video streams to millions of viewers, especially for live programming such as sports, is nearly as challenging as hitting for the cycle in baseball. Viewer volumes can swing wildly, surging by hundreds of thousands at must-watch moments such as kickoff, overtime, and during close matches. If your infrastructure for supporting personalization isn’t adaptable and scalable, it will be game over, and in the world of OTT that could mean your entire business could be at risk.

Keep reading for details on the technology and processes we employ to create personalized viewing experiences.

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