November 3, 2020

High-performance video playback that drives monetization

By John Reigart, Principal Product Manager, Verizon Media

The streaming industry is nothing if not fast-moving. New standards emerge. Old standards evolve. Viewers’ expectations change in lockstep with the video landscape. What was acceptable to most consumers yesterday is not okay today. They want access to offline viewing, ad skipping, the next K in video quality. And they want it now.

To help you meet customers’ increasingly high expectations for seamless video experiences, we’ve partnered with THEO Technologies, integrating THEOplayer into the Verizon Media Platform.

This integration enables advanced playback capabilities and high-quality viewing experiences across all devices that help drive viewer engagement, longer viewing sessions, and more opportunities for ad monetization.

Pre-integrated with Verizon Media Platform’s playback APIs and Smartplay technology, including server-side ad insertion (SSAI) and digital rights management (DRM), THEOplayer, with Verizon Media, enables online media companies to provide the best viewing experiences, honor the rights of the copyright holder, and drive OTT monetization.  

Some key benefits of this partnership include:

Multi-platform support: THEOplayer provides an embeddable universal web player and native SDKs for the most popular OTT devices, including:

  • Web and mobile web across the most popular web browsers
  • SDKs for Native iOS, iPad OS, and Android platforms
  • Connected TV SDKs for tvOS,  Android TV,  Amazon Fire TV,  Roku,  Chromecast Receiver, Samsung Tizen,  and LG WebOS.

Certified and tested pre-integration: Integrating THEOplayer with the Verizon Media Platform ensures a faster time to market for content distributors worldwide. We’ve incorporated the following to ensure a seamless workflow.

  • Pre-integration with Verizon Media’s playback APIs
  • Pre-integration with Verizon Media DRM (plus offline playback)
  • Pre-integration with Verizon Media advertising server
  • Pre-integration with Verizon Media extension partners for application management and content recommendation services

Advanced joint features: Media organizations everywhere can take advantage of this best-of-breed partnership that increases viewer engagement and ad monetization. We provide:

  • A high-performance player that supports adaptive bitrate standard formats and optimizes stream latency.  
  • UI enhancements for SSAI, up next notifications, seek behavior over ads, ad-break markers, and more.
  • Flawless localization of all content, including support for all Verizon Media’s subtitle and multi-audio formats

THEOplayer—A solution life cycle partner of the Verizon Media Platform

The integration of THEOplayer’s award-winning Universal Video Player is just one example of our ongoing commitment to deliver high-quality content in a single platform. As streaming and consumer expectations change, we will, too, jointly evolving solutions with current and future integration partners and continuously testing and maintaining support and coverage. Visit our website to learn more about our integration partners and how they help keep your viewers engaged so you can realize greater revenue.

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