March 7, 2017

Get a Platform With Smarter Delivery to Solve Your Video Quality Challenges

Click here to learn about The Smarts, a show about Smartplay

Episode 1 of The Smarts, a show about Smartplay  by Verizon, takes you inside the challenges of providing high-quality experiences and how a platform with smarter delivery solves those challenges.

In this week’s tech talk, our evangelist Jason Friedlander breaks down some of the details behind smarter delivery. In this short video, you’ll learn why:

  • Having a fully integrated CDN is essential
  • The design of the CDN has a huge impact on viewer quality
  • Network monitoring and support is key to keeping viewers happy

Check out the tech talk to learn more. Want to get even smarter? Get in touch to set up a demo to see our smarter platform in action.

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