February 22, 2017

Calling All Game Developers: GDC 2017

DIG-INSIGHTS_GDCGame developers and professionals alike will be coming together this coming Monday, February 27, at the Moscone Center for the annual Game Developers Conference 2017 to learn about game development best practices, in addition to the latest technology and tools. Verizon Digital Media Services will be exhibiting for the first time to showcase our wide array of gaming solutions. In fact, some of the world’s largest gaming and entertainment companies rely on Verizon to deliver flawless gaming experiences to their users with lightning-fast speeds. You can be next!

The continuous influx and improvement of technology in the content delivery industry has forced providers to deliver the best experiences to users at the most reasonable prices. As a result, your current content delivery network (CDN) provider may no longer serve your needs. Now would be a good time to re-evaluate your CDN as your CDN provider is re-evaluating its own priorities.

Take a look at your current content delivery strategy to ensure that you have balanced performance, security, global reach and cost. Our gaming solution offers just that; exceptional performance through our media-optimized CDN, which enables gaming companies to deliver updates, patches and fixes to any device fast and reliably.

We also have strong, built-in DDoS mitigation through our massive and continuously growing 28 Tbps network. With presence in five continents (spanning all major markets) and 3,000+ interconnections to global ISPs, we provide the international footprint you’re looking for. Our scale and interconnections allow us to offer the highly competitive cost that you need in this hyper-competitive gaming market.

But wait, in the words of Billy Mays, “there’s more!” Gaming companies looking to host and stream their own tournaments can do so with our cloud-based media solutions. Our Uplynk Video Streaming service allows gaming companies to host, stream and monetize on their own website, creating their own eSport brand as a result.

Wondering if a new CDN can improve your web performance while reducing costs? Looking for more robust security than your current hosting solution can provide? Need to scale your global reach? Whatever you may be thinking, stop by booth #134, and let us surprise you. You could be paying too much for a low-performing, “do-it-all-yourself” CDN, which means it may be time to upgrade to a more reliant and robust solution.

Register a meeting with us to learn about how we can improve your game. And register into our drawing for a chance to win an NES classic!

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