March 13, 2019

Finding the right partner at NAB 2019 who can simplify your workflow is easy

In today’s vast media landscape, most broadcasters and content providers are forced to work with several different services to stream their content, which leads to complexity and technological incompatibility. Cobbling together providers can take a toll on your team, and impact the quality of your streaming content.

There is a simpler way. Work with a single partner who utilizes an integrated platform.

Our single workflow reduces cost while opening your business up to more audiences, more content, and more revenue. By using a single workflow across all platforms, we’ll help you collapse your workflow into one for high-quality consistent viewer experiences that scale to every device, easily and cost-effectively.

In addition to simplifying your workflow and improving the quality and performance of your website and mobile apps, we make it simple to scale your audiences through live events.

Our Live Event Streaming solution was built for broadcast and offers complete flexibility. Use it on your own or in conjunction with our managed Live Event Operations teams to deliver winning viewing experiences. No need to work with multiple suppliers; our vertically integrated solution can deliver the entire event, from pre- to live to post-event and VOD using a single URL.

Our platform is built on the world’s largest, most connected delivery network, ensuring high-quality, instant-on viewing of digital content on every device, every time, everywhere. Our network has 71 Tbps of capacity and we are on target to reach 100 Tbps by the end of the year. Which means we can easily handle millions of concurrent viewers and unexpected traffic spikes without degradation in quality or increase in latency. And because we support advanced protocols like QUIC, HTTP/2, and TLS 1.3, viewers can access your content faster and safer.

Our cloud security protects your website and mobile apps against massive network-layer DDoS attacks, advanced application-layer attacks, botnets, and hackers at every level to keep your business online. No more searching for a separate security offering and hoping it works with your delivery network. It’s peace of mind that only working with a single integrated platform from a single source can provide.

Simple to start. Simple to budget. Simple to build audiences. To learn more about all the ways our platform simplifies the delivery of your content so your business can grow, meet us at NAB, or to scheduling a meeting with us today, click here.

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