January 20, 2017

Verizon Digital Media Services on the Road: Dulles Open House

One of the things that makes Verizon Digital Media Services so great is our integration with AOL. Combined with the backbone of Verizon’s fast, reliable network, AOL strengthens our end-to-end platform’s purpose: to prepare, deliver, display and monetize content on every device, to every viewer in the world.

In our effort to unify our brands together, we are setting out on the road with a series of Open Houses to exhibit our platform and services company-wide.

Our first stop took place in mid January 2017 in Dulles, Va. with over 250 attendees from AOL. We set up seven stations throughout the Dulles office to give our AOL counterparts a clear view into our seamless online video ecosystem, with topics such as:

  1. The Platform: An overview of our services and customers.
  2. Uplynk Video Streaming service: This station was centered around our Uplynk Video Streaming service, the easiest and most cost-effective way to adaptively stream live and on-demand video to all devices and platforms.
  3. Running LiveOps Events at Scale: An overview of the end-to-end services that Live Ops provide to customers for live events.
  4. Next-Generation Content Management System: Covered how we handle full-length movies and TV episodes in our support of the FiOS video on-demand library of assets, including transcoding and Digital Rights Management.
  5. Edgecast CDN Service Deep Dive: Overview of our Edgecast Content Delivery Network features, network and customer base that power over 10 percent of the entire internet every day across 5 continents in 95+ locations.
  6. NOC – Service & Operations Overview: A demo from our Network Operations Center (NOC) team, set to the tune of Thriller with some surprise dance choreography. The demo covered maximum traffic levels, traffic spikes, self-healing and failover capabilities.
  7. Volicon Media Intelligence service: Details regarding our Volicon Media Intelligence service and application segments: Monitor, comply, review, share and deliver, which offer continuous 24 x 7 monitoring, compliance, ad verification, rating, social media sharing, and the quick and easy launch of over-the-top (OTT) offerings.


The tour of our NOC, which gave visitors an in-depth look into everything involved in supporting, protecting and monitoring more than 28,000 live events, to commemorate the empire we’re building together.

Verizon Digital Media Services represents a culmination of technologies and services through Volicon, Uplynk, Edgecast with AOL to ensure a seamless online video ecosystem for publishers and advertisers that simplify the path to consumer display. Together, we’re changing the world watches.

To find out more about our platform and to see all of our office locations, visit verizondigitalmedia.com.

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