April 13, 2017

Discover A Smarter Way to Gain Insights About Your Viewers and Their Habits

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In Episode 4 of The Smarts, we see how Smartplay by Verizon helps Bob and Ted gain the insights they need to deliver truly personalized experiences for every single viewer.

So how does Smartplay actually collect these insights? Our platform combines subscriber viewing preferences, device profiles, and other content metadata from our Content Intelligent System, Media Xperience Studio, enabling you to target your viewers with smarter programming decisions, recommendations and relevant ads. What does this mean for you? Deeper viewer engagement and a more profitable business.

Check out the tech talk to learn more. Want to get even smarter? Get in touch to set up a demo to see our smarter platform in action. And be sure to watch all the episodes of The Smarts to learn about smarter delivery and smarter advertising.

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