June 27, 2013

Celebrating L.A.'s emerging tech community

By Severin Nesselhauf, Marketing

One of the truly great things about the emerging tech and start-up scene is that it is fairly easy to get everyone together for an event celebrating the young community.

Just take last week’s Silicon Beach Fest (SBF) in Santa Monica: across two locations, this three-day conference featured 100+ speakers from local start-ups, entertainment powerhouses, and investors (the schedule on SBF’s website is so long, it’s easy to miss out on interesting sessions).


Digital Marketing Panel with Verizon’s-clients SteelHouse and RED Interactive.

Now in its second year, SBF has become Los Angeles’ unofficial annual technology summit to showcase L.A.’s strengths in e-commerce, entertainment, gaming and advertising technology, as this LA Times article puts it.

For attendees, it’s the perfect place to meet other tech enthusiasts to network, pitch business ideas, and learn about the newest start-ups.

For Verizon Digital Media Services, SBF offers a chance to catch up on the forward-thinking work our local clients have been up to. For example, SteelHouse CEO Mark Douglas and RED Interactive CEO Brian Lovell shared the stage to talk about next generation online advertising and digital marketing platforms (which are running on Verizon’s content delivery network).