March 19, 2019

Can you benefit from server automation?

server automation

By Jonathan Stock, Product Marketing Manager

Keeping up with the operational burden of deploying a network footprint that is always growing and changing is a challenge. To continuously deliver optimal performance, our operations teams developed an IT automation platform using StackStorm. It’s a giant leap forward that covers more than 95% of the server population across our global network, and has transformed how our teams deploy, change, repair, and decommission server infrastructure.

With thousands of customers pushing terabytes of data over our global network of more than 20,000 servers, implementation of StackStorm is an essential operational tool that helps keep our services healthy and secure. It has allowed our teams to:

This change enables us to scale our network more quickly to meet customer demand, all while offering better performance, despite dynamic changes and unexpected traffic surges. The operational agility enabled by such technologies as StackStorm makes us a more reliable service provider that can quickly scale to meet our customers’ most demanding streaming media and web application demands.

While most organizations don’t operate on the same scale that we do, there are still a number of operational benefits that can make automation attractive. Learn what some of those benefits are and how you can claim them for your organization in our technical blog: Using StackStorm to Automate Support for 20,000 Servers.