August 19, 2019

Better transparency and troubleshooting for server-side ad insertion (SSAI)

Ad Proxy Tech Blog

As an increasing number of major broadcasters and advertisers adopt server-side ad insertion, Verizon Media is keeping pace with demand by developing new technology to provide greater transparency and insights. Our new Ad Server Debug technology empowers content owners to investigate end-to-end ad experiences, highlighting errors, timeouts, and tracking issues.

Ad Server Debug enables content owners to run traces on near real-time streams to see the actual ad server requests and responses. Checking live requests enables verification that all advertising parameters are being correctly passed between systems. With so many personalized URL parameters occurring along the way, having the full requests and responses to examine can quickly lead to aha moments and quick fixes.

In addition to offering full transparency for all advertising transactions, the Ad Server Debug surfaces a robust set of error types to help find root causes of failures. Knowing why ad insertion failed, not only that an error has occurred, can help improve QoE.

Ad Server Debug improves broadcaster’s visibility into ad beaconing and measurement as well. With the ability to view tracking beacons at every step of the delivery cycle, Ad Server Debug helps build confidence in server-side beacons by showing session-level traces. Auditing a single video view from end-to-end helps ensure proper beaconing and measurement.

Ad Server Debug also provides full log data across content and ad events, accessible by API pull and push logs. This enables a robust analysis of:

  • Response times of ad servers
  • Number of VAST wrappers
  • Timeouts in ad responses
  • Invalid ad reasons
  • Partners with high error rates

To learn more about the underpinnings of Ad Server Debug, part of the Ad Data feature of Insights, read the full technical article on now.

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