TLS 1.3 – Making the internet faster and safer

By Deep Trikannad, Sr. Manager Product Marketing, Security, and Richard Yew, Principal Product Manager, Security

Verizon Digital Media Services is dedicated to continually upgrading the performance and security of our platform. The latest example of our commitment is the deployment of TLS 1.3 across the Edgecast Content Delivery Network (CDN). TLS 1.3 offers faster and more secure web communication by improving the messages and message flow of internet communications. We’ve deployed TLS 1.3 across our entire global network of more 130 points of presence.

It’s been 10 years since TLS 1.2 was released. This update includes significant improvements, including:

  1. Makes snooping and man-in-the-middle attacks more difficult to execute
  2. Requires servers to encrypt the entire handshake, which prevents attackers from modifying handshake parameters that downgrades protection
  3. Ends support for vulnerable ciphers susceptible to attacks, but still supports previous TLS versions
  4. Uses new and improved signature cryptography, eliminating attacks targeting the signature schemes used by previous TLS versions

Not only is TLS 1.3 more secure, but it also eliminates round-trip-times (RTT) for every subsequent request. Review the chart below to see the advantages of TLS 1.3 over TLS 1.2, and how TLS 1.3 eliminates RTT for connections that are resumed for subsequent calls.


  • 1. Client Hello
  • 2. Server Hello, Request Certificate, Server Hello Done
  • 3. Client Key Exchange, Request Cipher Spec, Finished
  • 4. Change Cipher Spec, Finished
  • 5. GET HTTP/1.1, Finished
  • 6. HTTP Response
  • 7. Browser/Client loads content
  • 1. Client Hello, Key Share
  • 2. Server Hello, Key Share, Certificate Verification, Finished
  • 3. GET HTTP/1.1, Finished
  • 4. HTTP Response
  • 5. Browser/Client loads content

Better performance, security, and opportunities for growth.

The deployment of TLS 1.3 means faster delivery of content and faster page load times, which can result in more loyal viewers and increased purchases. Research has shown that slow loading web pages negatively impacts the user experience, with a significant number of consumers abandoning a website if it doesn’t load within 2 seconds. When every millisecond counts for online viewers, you can’t afford to be utilizing a CDN without TLS 1.3.

To learn more about the Edgecast CDN, visit our website or contact us.