Announcing Real-Time Log Delivery with the Edgecast Content Delivery Network

Real Time Log DeliveryData is at the center of every important decision. Analysis of your content’s availability, usage, and performance is vital to an excellent digital experience. We are pleased to announce Verizon Digital Media Services’ real-time log delivery product, which will empower our Edgecast CDN customers to make better decisions that benefit their own users.

Real-Time Log Delivery is a log streaming service that delivers edge request information to the endpoint in less than 60 seconds. Each time there is a request for content, the Edgecast CDN tracks that request via a log entry. These logs contain metadata about the request, such as who requested it, where it was served from, what the content was, and the performance quality of our response. This creates a historical record that builds up an analytics base from which you can make your most important decisions regarding monitoring, reporting, troubleshooting and alerting.

Real-time log delivery easily integrates with Amazon S3, or a web server via HTTP Post, and delivers data in JSON. Data is kept secure by transporting over HTTPS/TLS. These features are all built for simplicity, allowing you to easily integrate, ingest and parse for your business intelligence use cases.

This is just the beginning. We plan to add more log fields, delivery destinations and customization in the months to come. Check out our other blog posts to stay up-to-date with the latest news and updates.

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