Building Out the Seamless, Personalized Streaming Experience of Tomorrow: Verizon Digital Media Services’ 1 to 1 Session Management Paves the Way for Broadcasters

VDMS_1to1_Tile_Digital_InsightsImagine providing every viewer with a curated and individualized lineup of streaming programs and advertisements, delivered continuously to every device, over any network, with the best possible quality. Imagine knowing your viewers’ preferences better than they do, anticipating their viewing interests at any given time and seamlessly providing content that intrigues and engages them. This is the future of streaming, and it’s possible thanks to 1 to 1 session management, an integrated capability of the Uplynk Video Streaming service belonging to Verizon Digital Media Services’ end-to-end platform.

No one else in the industry offers this technology, but more importantly all the smarter capabilities 1 to 1 session management offers and enables you to do: deliver at scale, gain viewer insights and serve targeted advertising and personalized experiences.

The Uplynk Video Streaming service is the simplest way to adaptively stream TV-like quality linear, live and on-demand video to every device, worldwide. The 1 to 1 session management begins right after the viewer presses play. It’s the pulse between the viewer and you, the broadcaster. It provides our Uplynk Video Streaming service with the knowledge of every viewer’s connected device and network conditions so that you can make real-time decisions to ensure a TV-like quality of experience (QoE) for every viewer.  1 to 1 session management leverages insights about every viewer, their viewing habits and preferences, that allows you to understand every viewer on an individual level and how to maximize engagement and revenues. With 1 to 1 session management, it doesn’t matter whether you have hundreds or millions of  viewers watching. You can treat them all individually and tailor the TV guide, effortlessly accommodating geographic restrictions and programming blackouts to select highly targeted advertisements.

Now you can develop complete personas for each viewer to boost viewer engagement and the value of your ad spots. 1 to 1 session management enables you to finally answer questions like: How can I know what programming to invest in? How many ads do I place in a program? How do I best monetize my program catalog by selling to the highest ad bidder?

And, in the near future, you’ll be able to use 1 to 1 session management to offer viewers the supreme video streaming experience: their own personalized TV channel anytime, anywhere.

By choosing Verizon Digital Media Services as your video streaming partner, you get to work with the smartest video platform and network that  enables you to get intimate with your viewers so you can drive up your business.

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