Creating a Fabulous Las Vegas Experience Online

Las Vegas is a city of endless opportunities for entertainment and recreation. With thousands of choices for hotels, shows, restaurants, and activities, Las Vegas offers an option for every vacationer, for every budget.

When booking their Vegas-trip online, users expect to have access to all of these options, including pictures, videos, and interactive features.

Accordingly, translating Las Vegas’ ever-changing variety into a memorable online experience is a constant challenge. To better deliver their city’s global brand, and decided to forge a partnership.

During his presentation, Bryan Allison, CMO of, will share how both teams managed to overcome difficulties in merging two different platforms and systems, resulting in increased conversions on

In particular, Bryan will give insights into:

  • Scaling and delivering a global e-commerce site
  • Securing and protecting content and transactions through multiple layers
  • Improving performance for mobile users
  • Expanding user base internationally

Bryan will be joined on stage by Verizon’s Dan Franklin, Segment Manager for Commerce.

Get an exclusive look behind the scenes of one of the world’s busiest e-commerce sites,

Tuesday, February 26th, 3:10 PM, at eTail West.