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We offer a self-service portal and APIs to enable real-time control as well as high visibility, configurability and customization so that you can be more autonomous, agile and productive. We enable DevOps, WebOps, security operations and developers to have granular control over deployment, configuration changes and transparency over their caching behavior. Our API gives you all the benefits of automation, like quickness and consistency, that you rely on for large-scale deployment.

Better control

Our CDN is built to be part of your DevOps’ continuous application development and delivery.

The Media Control Center (MCC)

Our web-based self-service portal enables you to control, configure and customize your CDN with real-time data for total visibility. You can use the MCC to create new CNAMEs, purge content, enable compression on specific file types, create custom action based on device and location detection, rewrite URLs, rewrite headers and much more. You can implement these actions on the fly, without having to leverage costly professional services to do so.

Staging environment

Push out multiple changes in just one day rather than a week. Our staging feature allows you to mimic real-world environments before releasing changes into production.

API Integration

You can integrate these controls into your technology stack with APIs so that our CDN works quietly, but powerfully in the background.

Better visibility

We give you greater insight into application health so that your operations team can make better decisions faster and spend less in the process.

Real-time data and reporting

Real-time user data on bandwidth, number of connections and hits are collected continuously and displayed in real time. Rich reporting capabilities provide you insight on cache statuses, cache hit ratio, data transferred and more.

Customize reports

Stay informed with real-time alerts that you can customize. We give you the ability to generate custom reports by geography, hour, file type, browser, status code, etc. all through an easy-to-use GUI. You can also generate these report automatically through APIs.

Keep track of logs

Raw logs are generated in near real time from all over the world and can be stored in your account or exported to an external server. You can customize the log format to fit your data-mining tools.

Better productivity

Get more done and free up more time, efforts and resources to focus on your core business.

Efficient service delivery model

Our services are designed for enterprises that embrace agility and continuous delivery.

Autonomy and automation

Instead of manual processes that require specialized professionals to execute even the most basic functions, we’ve built an easy-to-use GUI and APIs to give your team autonomy. This prevents us from bottlenecking your continuous delivery pursuits and enables faster time to market.

Faster propagation

When you make changes at the edge, they go live in minutes, not hours or days, so you have the freedom to test configurations, deploy faster and optimize more frequently.

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