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Grant of License

Subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, Licensor hereby grants to Licensee a limited, nonexclusive, nontransferable, royalty-free right and license to use the Licensed Marks solely in connection with the Licensed Use during the Term. Except as provided in Section 1(a) above, Licensee shall not use, nor permit any other person or entity to use, the Licensed Marks in any manner, including, without limitation, as part of a corporate name, trademark, service mark, domain name, trade dress or logo. Licensee shall have no right to grant sublicenses of the Licensed Marks.

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VDMS Cobranding Guideline | Aug 2017

VDMS PartnerProgram Overview | Aug 2017

Quality Standards

Licensee agrees that the nature and quality of all use by Licensee of the Licensed Marks shall conform to such reasonable guidelines and standards as are provided in writing from time to time by Licensor. Licensee shall submit to Licensor for review and approval, at least ten (10) business days prior to proposed use, all materials, in which the Licensed Marks are used. Subsequent changes to previously submitted materials still in the approval process will be approved within five (5) business days. Licensee shall not publish, distribute or use any such materials, in which the Licensed Marks are used without the prior written approval of the following representative of Licensor: Jonathan Stock, e-mail with a copy to Mary Leheny, e-mail . Notwithstanding the foregoing, Licensee may designate at the time of submission that the requested approval is for multiple/repetitive, identical uses on the same medium. Licensee may request approval for such multiple/repetitive, identical use for a period not to exceed the end of the term of this Agreement. Licensor reserves the right, in its sole discretion and without cause, to refuse to approve any proposed Licensee use of the Licensed Marks.

Dos & Don’ts: Get it right. Earn a checkmark!

The Verizon Digital Media Services logo separates us from the rest of Verizon’s empire of innovative technologies in the wireless and wireline space. Specifically, Verizon Digital Media Services represents our content delivery network and next-generation platform of products and solutions, including: Broadcast/OTT Solution, Web Acceleration Solution and Commerce Acceleration Solution. For partnership/sponsorship language or usage, please email for further direction. The official Verizon Digital Media Services logo can only be used to distinguish Verizon Digital Media Services. The Verizon Digital Media Services logo shall not be used in association with Verizon’s wireless and FiOs properties.


  • Use Verizon Digital Media Services to represent our solutions/products
  • Use our logo in full and leave enough breathing room around it
  • Use our logo in the provided versions and color choices


  • No separating the checkmark from “Verizon”
  • No separating “Digital Media Services from the checkmark and “Verizon”
  • No rotating the logo in any way or changing the direction
  • No adding or surrounding additional words or graphics near the logo
  • No adding of texture to the logo
  • No changing of colors to the logo
  • No animating or adding special effects to the logo
  • No adding of drop shadows to the logo

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