Verizon Media logo assets and usage

Verizon Media Logo: Need to download our logo? Check!

The word “Verizon” represents two words, the latin “veritas”, which means “truthfulness”, and the word “horizon”. When combined, these two words summarize Verizon’s mission to remain on the cusp of innovation and technology every day. We are proud of our heritage, and therefore ask that our customers and partners respect our brand properties and abide by the following rules:

There are positive and negative versions of the full-color logo and one-color Verizon Media logo to coordinate with our brand background colors of white and black. The one-color versions are for use in print applications for which color printing is not an option.

Our logo consists of our infamous checkmark and the words “Media”. Please use our logo in full when mentioning our content delivery network and any products/solutions listed on

When using our logo with other graphic elements, please allocate enough breathing room for easier visibility. To determine how much room you should leave in the area surrounding the logo, we recommend that you use the width of the “red check” in “Verizon” as your measuring tool.

Dos & Don’ts: Get it right. Earn a checkmark!

The Verizon Media logo separates us from the rest of Verizon’s empire of innovative technologies in the wireless and wireline space. Specifically, Verizon Media represents our content delivery network and next-generation platform of products and solutions, including:¬†Broadcast/OTT Solution, Web Acceleration Solution and Commerce Acceleration Solution. For partnership/sponsorship language or usage, please email for further direction. The official Verizon Media logo can only be used to distinguish Verizon Media. The Verizon Media logo shall not be used in association with Verizon’s wireless and FiOS properties.


  • Use Verizon Media to represent our solutions/products
  • Use our logo in full and leave enough breathing room around it
  • Use our logo in the provided versions and color choices


  • No separating the checkmark from “Verizon”
  • No separating “Media from the checkmark and “Verizon”
  • No rotating the logo in any way or changing the direction
  • No adding or surrounding additional words or graphics near the logo
  • No adding of texture to the logo
  • No changing of colors to the logo
  • No animating or adding special effects to the logo
  • No adding of drop shadows to the logo

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