White paper

Deliver personalized experiences
with a smarter platform

Introducing Smartplay by Verizon, our 1 to 1 session management technology

Running an online video service requires staying a few steps ahead of what your viewers want and what your competitors are doing. These are no small asks, no matter who you are or what size your business is. A few years ago, you had to learn how to deliver online, and recently you figured out how to improve quality of experience. Today, it’s all about personalizing content and ad experiences for every viewer, on every device.

In our white paper, “Deliver personalized experiences with a smarter platform”, you’ll learn how Smartplay by Verizon, our 1 to 1 session management technology, can help you get smarter about the way you do business by providing:

  • Smarter delivery
  • Smarter advertising
  • Smarter insights
  • Smarter protection
  • Smarter programming
  • Smarter discovery
Smartplay White Paper