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How DNS, Connect Time, Time to First Byte, Response Times can affect your website

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How many connections are required to download your page

Your current page loading time in North America, Europe, Asia, and Latin America

How the Edgecast Content Delivery Network can help  improve your website speed

Here's how it works
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      We break down what makes your website tick – how many connections are required to render your webpage, how many objects are needed to be downloaded, how long it takes to deliver the first byte of each object and how fast your website's throughput is to download those objects

     We identify an image URL from your website and use that to represent your website's speed.


     We load that same image on our Edgecast CDN to perform a head-to-head comparison.


     In 24 hours, you'll receive a 25-page analysis report detailing your website's performance with your current CDN provider with a comparison against our Edgecast CDN



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Catchpoint is a third-party web testing provider used to monitor the user experience across application, network and infrastructure layers to preempt issues and improve service delivery.