Our Video Streaming service

The simplest way to stream.

Our Video Streaming service is the simplest way to adaptively stream quality linear, live and on-demand video to every device, worldwide.

Simplify your workflow

Our Video Streaming removes duplicate effort and complexity from your video workflow. It’s never been easier to reach every device, current and future.
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Simplify the way you pay

Forecast costs like never before with our simple pricing model. We’re pay-as-you go, so there are no long sales cycles to get you started.
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Simplify your return

Say goodbye to expensive client-side development. With our unique playback technology, we’ve simplified the monetization of all your content whether live, linear or on demand.
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Simplify your insights

We provide you with all the data you need whether you’re streaming live, linear or on demand. Because the same encode plays on all devices, you’re never stuck with disparate data that needs to be normalized.
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Simplify your reach

We’re streaming content for some of the largest content owners in the world. Our simplified workflow doesn’t just make your operation easier, it makes it more scalable.
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Simplify viewer engagement

Get smarter about your viewers’ online consumption habits and preferences with our cutting-edge 1 to 1 session management capability.
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The future of internet video eBook
The future of internet video eBook
OTT considerations for the future white paper
OTT considerations for the future white paper

How it works

OTT made simple

Video Streaming streams live, linear and on-demand video to all devices in a fundamentally different way. By using a single workflow, we reduce costs and complexity for broadcasters and over-the-top (OTT) providers.

  • No capex
  • Low opex
  • Greater flexibility

Encode & playback

Encode once.
Play everywhere.

Streaming is broken. Our Uplynk Video Streaming service provides simplified online video encoding that allows you to reach multiple platforms with just a single workflow.

Live, linear and on demand

Faster, easier, simpler

Whether you’re focused on live, linear or on demand, we’ve got you covered! With our Uplynk Video Streaming service, there’s no need to worry about hundreds of video formats, disparate devices and platforms or complex, dynamic business cases for streaming original content live.

1 to 1 session management

Get smarter about your viewers

This cutting-edge capability is what makes our Video Streaming service unique. Thanks to valuable viewer insights, you can start making smarter, more profitable business decisions into how to personalize your content and advertising experiences to every viewer on every device.

Server-side ad insertion

Simplify & scale your return

Server-side ad insertion, also known as dynamic ad insertion or ad stitching, is a more streamlined approach to advertising than traditional client-side ad insertion. Server-side ad insertion stitches the ad into the video stream rather than delivering it from a third-party ad server, effectively avoiding the threat of ad blockers and providing a better viewer experience with fully dynamic, targeted ads during live and on-demand streaming.

Get to know your content’s performance

Simplify your insights

Our Video Streaming service provides with you data on live, on demand and everything in between. You can monitor viewership trends by time, device and country – and it all comes free.

Straightforward pricing

A simpler way to pay

Our Video Streaming service only charges you for three things: hours of content encoded, stored and streamed. Everything else is included: analytics, encryption and ad integration.

Use our pricing calculator to see what a typical bill might look like. You can also take a look at our cost savings diagram to see what you can eliminate from your workflow.