CDN support & services

Real CDN support

Leveraging industry-best practices, our NOC consistently achieves 97% and above customer satisfaction ratings.

100% U.S.-based engineers

Our frontline engineers are savvy, trained equivalents of Tier 2 or 3 support at most, unlike other CDNs. This means that your urgent production and customer-impacting issues are addressed immediately instead of the usual queue to a real engineer run-around. As a result, we resolve 84% of issues proactively.

24 x 7 x 365 Network Operations Center (NOC)

Our NOC proactively tracks customer origin servers for errors, investigates causes and reaches out to customers to report findings of unexpected behaviors at their origin to help catch problems earlier.

We empower you instead of getting in the way

Our approach to good service is that we should truly add value — not pad the bill. We take a highly collaborative approach when it comes to offering you support, focusing on helping you make things easier, solving problems and finishing projects faster. We offer insight into making smarter decisions, and when timing is critical for you, we’ll make sure to have the right subject-matter experts on board or add manpower when necessary.

Read our blog post to see why having better service matters in a digital content delivery partner.

Efficient service model

Our professional services model is not a requirement, but readily available when needed. While our service model is modeled for total self-service onboarding, our professional services team can help facilitate a seamless transition.

Technical Account Management (TAM)

Our TAM team can free up your headcount, so you can focus on your core business, while ensuring that you continue to deliver optimal user experiences to your users.

Security experts

Our engineers are always monitoring and prepared to help you mitigate attacks.

Professional services

We are here to augment your IT team if and when you need it.

Complete transparency

We provide a variety of ways for you to stay informed about service status.

Online status page

Our live statuses allow you to track and receive status updates without having to reach out to our NOC, and we also offer proactive notifications via RSS feed. We believe in providing you with truthful and informative data during and after every incident that occurs so we can collectively achieve meaningful resolution and future prevention. You’ll always have high visibility into our operations and easy access to our team.

Need Support?

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What’s Included

Non-Stop Support: 24 x 7 x 365

  • 100 percent U.S.-based support
  • Staffed by engineers, not call center agents

Proactive monitoring and troubleshooting

  • Monitoring at every layer
  • Self-healing algorithms
  • Ongoing performance benchmarking
  • Pre- and post- maintenance tests

Instant updates — you know when we know

  • Real-time ticket updates
  • RSS feeds