Our Edgecast Content Delivery Network

Better matters.

Why our content delivery network is simply better

Smoke signals, carrier pigeons and slow, unreliable content delivery networks are a thing of the past. Outdated CDNs frustrate you with burdensome service models and leave your users waiting around with slow-loading web pages. Verizon Digital Media Services’ lightning-fast CDN doesn’t operate like other CDNs do. And that’s what makes us better.

Verizon Digital Media Services’ Edgecast Content Delivery Network offers
superior performance, enterprise features and capabilities including:


Our CDN consistently outperforms legacy CDNs in terms of speed and reliability. Third-party independent performance tests show that we have faster DNS, faster HTTPS, higher cache hit ratio, faster time to render and faster page load times where it matters.

We’re faster because we’re built better. Get a better experience with:

  • Our CDN network
  • Super PoP architecture
  • Better technology


Our self-service portal, real-time analytics and APIs enable high reconfigurability and customization with fast, system-wide propagation, and empower you to take control of your content on your own terms. Our service delivery allows agile IT teams to move even faster because there’s no need to for third-party professional services.

Get more agility with:

  • Greater control
  • Total visibility
  • Enhanced productivity


We provide a complete range of enterprise web security products, from WAF to DDoS to DNS, to protect websites against a wide range of attack methods. These security products come already integrated into our platform without any risk to performance, ensuring that your content remains fast and secure.

  • Web Application Firewall (WAF)
  • Anti-DDoS protection
  • Fast and secure DNS resolutions
  • TLS encryption
  • Bot mitigation


Our U.S.-based Tier 1 support is staffed with actual engineers that deliver fast, effective enterprise-class support, complete with 84% proactive issue resolution. Our teams of subject-matter experts take a highly collaborative approach to provide engineering resources and expert insights.

Get real results with:

  • Real support
  • Efficient service model
  • Complete transparency


Our service delivery model, combined with our more efficient CDN architecture, translates into superior ROI for you. We offer a lower total cost of ownership by reducing cost of administration, minimizing non-value-add service costs, improving productivity and lowering cost of services.

Get more value with:

  • Our service model
  • Lower cost of ownership

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Improve your website’s performance by 30%.

Get speed that keeps users on your website and gives you a competitive advantage.

Why you need multilayered security.

Get the most complete
cloud security offering.

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Edgecast CDN overview
Edgecast CDN overview
Edgecast CDN white paper
Edgecast CDN white paper
Digital transformation with Verizon’s Edgecast CDN
Digital transformation with Verizon’s Edgecast CDN
 Better matters when it comes to choosing a content delivery network
Better matters when it comes to choosing a content delivery network