Encode once, play everywhere

ACQUIRE provides a simplified online video encoding solution that allows you to reach multiple platforms with one format.

  • Slicer (Content Ingestion): Available in graphical user interface (GUI) and command line versions, the Slicer is manually engaged to kick off the process that will prepare the content for encoding.
  • Slicebot (Automated Ingestion Workflows): As new files are placed into your directory, the Slicebot automatically detects, slices and sends the files to the cloud.
  • Live Slicer: The Live Slicer captures content from a live signal and sends it to the encoder cloud. Content is then published to a live channel. (Channels are created and managed in the Verizon MANAGE product.)
  • Live Slicer Application Program Interface (API): The Live Slicer API is a set of application program interfaces that can be programmed to mark ads, replace content and manage Live Slicer content.
  • Security: Often referred to as “Digital Rights Management” (“DRM”) the Security function controls how and when the content is consumed by your viewers.
vdms acquire

Why Verizon

ACQUIRE is the easiest, most cost-effective way to stream your live and on-demand video to all devices and platforms. You’ll benefit from:

  • Reduced costs and complexity
  • No encoding appliances
  • No broadcast hardware
  • A single format
  • A simplified workflow integration

What’s Included

  • Slicer
  • Slicebot
  • Live Slicer
  • Live Slicer API
  • Security

Grant Koeneke

VP of Digital Engineering, REVOLT TV

REVOLT TV is much like its namesake; it revolts against everything traditional. REVOLT uses Verizon’s next-generation platform to strike a two-way conversation with its audience. Millennials demand the best viewing experience online anytime, anywhere. Before Verizon, REVOLT had to use several different vendors to deliver this experience; now it uses one solution from encoding to delivery.

Ready to simplify how you ACQUIRE?