Why Partner with Us?

Verizon Digital Media Services’ next-generation platform delivers high-performing user experiences to every device, everywhere in the world. To date, we power roughly 10 percent of all internet traffic for more than 10,000 leading brands. We have built our entire platform with partnerships in mind, and that is evident by our strong base of resellers and network partners, including NTT Communications, Chunghwa Telecom, Deutsche Telekom, Pacific Century CyberWorks (PCCW), TELUS, TeliaSonera, Microsoft, IBM SoftLayer, Telin, Korea Telecom and many others.

The Verizon Digital Media Services Partnership Difference

Partnering with Verizon Digital Media Services is a two-way street. But we promise you’ll be getting so much more from having us by your side:

  • Global delivery: As global internet usage increases, so will our network. We’ll power your content safer, faster and more securely anytime, anywhere.
  • Global reach: At 80+ Super PoPs currently, our network never stops growing so that we can deliver content to where your audience is everywhere in the world.
  • Save more: Leverage our network instead of building your own. Lower your network operating costs and let us do the work instead.

Multiple Commercial Partnership Options

Verizon Digital Media Services’ partnership strategy supports our partner ecosystem through two commercial models: 1) reseller and 2) referral. Over the years, we have become a preferred partner within wholesale/resale communities for many IT service companies and global or regional carrier networks who want to offer CDN delivery, acceleration and security services to their customers under their own brands. Furthermore, resellers appreciate having flexible options with us; they can be a standalone CDN reseller or white label our CDN services integrated into other cloud and/or IT services they sell. No matter which partnership type you choose, you’ll enjoy the success that comes with the reputation we’ve built into our name..

Managed Content Delivery Network Partnership

Managed Content Delivery Network

If you’re a Network Service Provider, Internet Service Provider or carrier, we have a perfect arrangement that allows both of us to benefit tremendously. Simply put, we’ll supply the hardware, the software and the management, while you provide the collocation and network bandwidth, and together, we can build a CDN node (or nodes)! This alleviates international backhaul by localizing internet content that your consumers and customers crave. Then you can monetize the downstream delivery to your consumers and customers with amazing quality. It’s very easy to get started and fast to deploy, and it requires very minimal investment as we spend the capital and dedicate the people and resources to make it happen.

Partners around the globe have already done this with us, and it is paying off for them! Networks like Telekomunikasi Indonesia International, TeliaSonera, HiNet (Chunghwa Telecom), Korea Telecom, AEPROVI, Telefónica, Cablevisión, Unidad de Negocios Estratégicos and more have already taken advantage of this deployment model, saving money, increasing network efficiency, making additional revenue and improving quality. We cater to small, medium, large and very large networks. We can put in one PoP or multiple PoPs, and we can control the traffic that goes through these partner PoPs to only carry local content destined for your users and customers that pay you money. In the end, you’ll be in control over the CDN traffic already going across your network. Signing up is easy!

Sign up today to explore a Managed Content Delivery Network deployment with us:

Reseller Partners

Reseller Partners

Our entire suite of delivery services, plus our Web Acceleration Solution and Commerce Acceleration Solution are available for resale, and we are always open to new partnership opportunities. Being a reseller enables you to sell direct domestically and abroad, plus it allows you to use Verizon’s CDN for your own needs. If you have an interest in reselling our services, get in touch with us here, and one of our Global Alliance Directors will contact you to better understand your goals and explore how we can work together. Please note that we provide co-marketing support, as well as overlay sales and sales engineering training, plus a variety of other technical and sales resources based on the nature of the partnership. We also provide localization and customization services to create a seamless and consistent look and feel (from our services to yours) and can include your primary language as well. This guarantees the success of both parties. You’ll be up and provisioning accounts in minutes!

Referral Partners

Referral Partners

Many of our partners are looking for a preferred vendor that they can recommend to their customers. A referral partnership is a great way to achieve this. Referral partners work closely with our direct sales force during the pre-sales process. They qualify leads and opportunities and sell through to their customers. Co-marketing support, overly sales and sales engineering training, in addition to other technical and sales resources will be provided as needed. Our support is customized based on the nature of the partnership so that both parties can be successful. If you have an interest in starting a referral partnership with us, please get in touch with us here.

Partnerships for Technology Companies

Who this is for: Software & Services, Telco Resellers, Streaming, Content Management & Monetization, Cloud Services

Regardless whether it’s the transport layer, IP-backbone, CDN website acceleration, dynamic web server or front-end software, there’s no piece of the technology stack we’re not involved in, and no part of the network’s ecosystem that we leave untouched. This is why we have great technology partnerships and why we’re always open to forming new ones. Our partners range from carriers to network service providers to streaming services to cloud services and much more. Whether you’re part of a large company that we’re not yet involved with or a smaller company with brand-new technology, get in touch with us here.

To see a list of our current partners, click here.