Transforming a traditional broadcaster into a TV-everywhere leader.

Modern viewers expect to watch TV where and when they want. Our integrated platform and solutions help Disney/ABC thrive in this new content consumption reality.


Broadcasters like Disney/ABC must develop new methods and adjust their workflows to bring content closer to their watch anytime, anywhere viewers. But they can’t do it alone. Traditionally, broadcasters have had to rely on a mix of vendors and technologies to deliver high-quality content to the countless number of devices, platforms, screen sizes, and software updates available.

There’s also video encoding, ad insertion, asset management, internet delivery, and skyrocketing costs to consider. Disney/ABC needed one partner who could help simplify content preparation and accelerate online delivery to make online distribution much easier while reducing costs.


Our fully integrated Media Platform reduces complexity and makes it easy for Disney/ABC to connect with modern viewers. Our platform delivers online content with:

  • TV-like quality of linear, live, and on-demand video to every device, worldwide.
  • Simplicity that reduces workflow complexity.
  • Scale that enables Disney/ABC to sustain millions of concurrent users on the world’s largest streaming network.


Thanks to our integrated platform and broadcast/OTT solution, Disney/ABC only has to work with one partner to prepare, deliver, and display their content online.

Our single workflow makes it easy to deliver the perfect TV-like viewing experience to every device and every screen. Closed captioning is inserted seamlessly into the workflow, and live content can be made available for on-demand playback immediately. Even local affiliate stations can stream relevant, local ads instantly, with great sound and picture quality.

Disney/ABC is now free to focus on content while we take care of delivering the perfect experience that captures and retains viewers and deepens their loyalty.